Kaba Farm is tucked away in the beautiful Kaba Conservancy in the Alexandria district of the Eastern Cape. Kaba- meaning gourd or calabash- derives its name from the distinctive blind- ending valley that is a striking feature of this coastal wilderness area. The 1500 ha property- an integrated game and beef farm- involves a series of these blind valleys, their passage to the sea being blocked by the spectacular Alexandria dune field: the largest coastal dune field in the southern hemisphere. In exceptionally wet years, the Kaba Valley floods, producing a lake that stretches nearly 4 km long and nearly a kilometre wide in some places. The wetland becomes a waterfowl paradise for the period of several months- even years- as the water gradually subsides.

Located off the beaten track

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Kaba is located about 100km north–east of Port Elizabeth - private, quite, remote and off the beaten track (read more).